My Happy Mother’s Day

…An early gift from the New York Rangers on Saturday night when they won the seventh and deciding game in the NHL Eastern Conference semi-finals against the Washington Capitals. They will now square off against the New Jersey Devils in the Eastern Conference Finals. GO RANGERS!

…A bear hug from my son Kintu, who’s here with me in New York.

…And tulips from my son Magezi, who’s stationed in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Fair winds and following seas to him and his Navy shipmates.

…An animated text message from my older sister that I forwarded to my niece (one of her daughters!), my best friend, my cousin, and the mother of my grandson, who had to work today. But that’s okay, because this is the first job that she’s had in a long time, she’s just glad to be back in the workforce.

…A prayer for my co-worker John and for my Aunt Dot, who both lost loved ones to pancreatic cancer. John lost his mother to the disease; my Aunt Dot, her husband, my Uncle Gino–my mother’s brother.

…A phone call from my “New York Mom,” who called me singing the Stevie Wonder tune, “I Just Called to Say I Love You.” And a call to my own mother, who lives in Lakewood, Washington, being thankful that they are both still around.

Hope that you all had a wonderful and blessed Mother’s Day.


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