Sports Snippets

  • Because It’s The CUP…I don’t have a lot of rap for folks these days. My Rangers are gunning for the Eastern Conference Finals. The Rangers just made it a one-goal game, with less than eight minutes left in the second period; score now is 3-4, Montreal. The Habs are fighting for their lives. The Rangers are one win away from the Eastern Conference championship, and punching their ticket to the Stanley Cup Finals!
  • One of my co-workers has a long standing tradition. He and his dad attend the Opening and Closing Ceremonies for the World Cup. Even a stint in the Navy didn’t stop him from holding this tradition. I just hope that they have a stadium to go to in Brazil to attend the ceremonies. To say that they’re going to the last minute on this is an understatement. And protesters are still in the streets, angry over the vast amounts of money being spent on the Cup, while suffering from the lack of basic services and infrastructure.
  • If there’s one rule that needs to be instituted in baseball–or rather eliminated–it’s the intentional walk. So far as I’m concerned, it serves no useful purpose. The pitching team just needs to give it their best shot, and take whatever comes.
  • I missed watching California Chrome win the second leg of Triple Crown. I watched him win the Kentucky Derby, and plan to watch him go for glory at Belmont. Usually I watch all three legs of the Triple Crown. But on the Saturday of the Preakness, I had gone to visit my older sister in the hospital. It was a big sports Saturday; not only the Preakness, but the Rangers started their series with the Canadiens, and the Mets and the Liberty suited up as well. My sports app was constantly ringing during my visit. My sis and the rest of family just smiled and said, “There she goes again with her sports.” Sadly, it was one of the last visits I would have my sister before she passed away on Memorial Day, Monday, May 26. I love you, sis; Rest in Peace.

And that’s the snip!


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