Sports Snippets

I have to admit that I haven’t paid much mind to sports since my sister passed away this past spring. I paid enough attention to watch my Rangers in the Stanley Cup finals. My sister wasn’t the sports fanatic that I am. There were certain sports and teams that she liked, like Olympic events, track and field, and the Knicks. Before she passed, she got to watch some of gymnastics qualifiers, and we texted about it. And I watched one of the Eastern Conference finals in her hospital room. Her birthday was on October 4th, and we all said a little prayer to her.
But this past Monday Night football was special.  I got to watch it in the home of my brother in Lakewood, Washington, along with my mom, my niece, my second brother, and my nephews. It’s was Seahawks vs. the Redskins, and ’round these parts, it’s serious 12th Man country. Thankfully, the defending champs won the game. My second brother Azam is my bestest sports buddy in the whole wide world. Usually we clear out both the East Coast and the West Coast when we get to talking sports. He’s Yankees and I’m Mets; he’s Jets and I’m Giants. This week, we get to kick it live = priceless!
And that’s the snip!

2 thoughts on “Sports Snippets

    1. walicarr Post author

      Hey! And thanks for following mine!

      Speaking of sports…Just returned from Hawaii. Different way of living down there. The football games are broadcast live, so the 4pm Sunday game airs at 10am Hawaii time. So you can watch all the sports you like, and still have time left to do stuff in the day. And, there’s no game delay on the primetime shows afterwards. Something I can definitely get used to… 🙂


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