Sports Snippets

  • I just returned from vacation in Hawaii, where I stayed at the home of my younger sister and brother-in-law. It was my first trip to Hawaii, and I had a blast. What I noticed is that the football games are broadcast live, and with the time difference between New York and Hawaii, the games start early in the morning. That means you can still get your football on, and have the rest of the day left to do other things. Well, on Sunday, October 26, the mainland will get a taste of how things are done in Hawaii when the Lions-Falcons game is broadcast live from London. The game airs around 9am Eastern Time. The question was raised on CNN’s World Sport if viewers in the U.S. can get used to watching the NFL with their breakfast. Maybe it’ll go down better in a gorgeous place like Hawaii. Aw, shoot—that means the game will be on at 3am if it’s aired live in Hawaii…
  • Just about the only thing good that I could say right now about football. They still have to dig themselves out of the hole they created with their handling of the Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson situations. And the Giants ain’t showing up for work these days.
  • NBC recently did an investigative report reports about the artificial turf used on soccer fields. It’s suspected of cause cancer in players that use the field, particularly those who play positions like goalkeeper in soccer where they Kansas spend a lot of time on the ground. The rubber pellets used as a base cushion are made from ground up rubber tires, which contain four different carcinogens. Let’s hope they get to the bottom of this quickly.
  • Happy to see Mo’ne Davis, the sensational young lady from the Little League World Series, throw out the first pitch for Game 4 of the MLB World Series game. As a long-suffering Mets fan, I can relate to the excitement of the KC faithful as their team tries to win a championship.

And that’s the snip!


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