Sports Snippets

  • For those who believe in the power of prayer, please raise one up for Isabella Acierno, a local young lady from Staten Island, New York. She’s a hoopster on the team of St. Christopher’s Cougars who is battling a recurring brain tumor. I have grandnieces and nephews her age. Her story reminds me of a co-worker who lost a niece to a cancerous brain tumor last year. I pray that both of their families get through their ordeals. As a parent, it’s something that I cannot imagine.
  • Very sorry to hear the news that coach Dean Smith, Hall of Fame coach of the University of Carolina, has passed away.
  • And Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist took a mean hit from the puck that caused a “sprained blood vessel.” He’ll have to cool his jets for a while; hope he has a full recovery.
  • And tonight’s Grammy awards addressed the issue of domestic violence…wonder if the issues of domestic violence in the NFL was the impetus for this?

And that’s the snip!



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