New York City Council Caucus Joins Push To Put Woman On $20 Bill


CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A campaign to get a woman’s face on the $20 bill has gained steam online, and local politicians have also gotten involved.

As CBS2’s Cindy Hsu reported, an online video petition seeks President Barack Obama’s support for removing President Andrew Jackson’s prominent from the $20 and replacing it with that of a prominent woman.

The group “Women on 20s” is behind the push. Barbara Ortiz-Howard came up with the idea about a year and a half ago.

“There are no women on the money and I thought, ‘Geez, this is a crazy omission,’” Ortiz-Howard said.

So Ortiz-Howard and her friends came up with what they called a list of 15 amazing women, and asked the public to vote online. The group said more than 600,000 votes were cast over 10 weeks, and escaped slave and legendary abolitionist Harriet Tubman came out on top.

“She risked her…

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