Progress Report: New Year’s Resolution

Well, the holiday stuff is on the store shelves…which means it will soon be time for making another batch of New Year’s Resolutions. So how have I done on this year’s resolution? Out of the fifteen books, I’ve managed to read five, which is a third of the list. A bit of a dent.

Lately I’ve been reading books that are not on the list. Recently, I read Between the World and Me. There’s been so much buzz about it, and with the current racial climate, I had to read it. Right now I’m reading something from my audiobook wishlist, Cutting for Stone.

So far for the year, I’ve read a total of fourteen books. Not too shabby. Before the year is out, I hope to start one more book from my New Year’s list, the Attica Locke book that’s sitting on my desk. At the rate I’m going, it will take another two years to get through the list. Guess this means I won’t have to make a resolution for 2016…Nice.


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