What I’m Reading: Beyond the List

Usually for my daily commute, I carry my gear in a rolling backpack. But when there’s snow on the ground, I leave the big boy at home, pare things down, and pack my stuff in a tote bag. After the record-breaking snowstorm in January, I left the heavier Attica Locke book at home, and carried my tablet around. During one morning commute, I read We Should All Be Feminists on my Kindle app. Then I started on Octavia Butler’s book, Unexpected Stories. Continuing with my exploration of the Schomburg Exhibit. For a brief time that I was reading a print book, an e-book, and an audiobook. Most times I read either an e-book or a print book, along with my audiobook. Now I’m reading from each medium. Guess I’ve gone from toggling between two books to multi-tasking. Hopefully this also settles the argument about which medium is better. My answer is, it depends on where you are. Try opening up a print book when you’re packed in on a subway train.

So it’s back to the office library for The Cutting Season. And I picked up two more books: The Key, part two of the Simon Toyne series; and Memories of a Geisha Doll, which I’ve never read. Don’t know where in the mix they’re going to end up. Attica Locke sat on my desk for over a year.

Invisibility Blues by Michelle Wallace will be the next book that goes into the backpack, weather permitting. There’s talk of two more storms coming through town this week. And the next e-book I’d like to read after Octavia Butler is the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass. A friend recently quoted from the book on a Facebook post, in honor of Black History Month. This was one of the first e-books that I downloaded, so I should get this one done, as they say. See if I can keep up with this multi-tasking. I’m not one of the folks who believe they can do more than one thing at once. I know that I can’t multi-task, so I don’t even try. This will be a stretch for me.

But I have a friend on Goodreads who’s reading three books right now. Her want-to-read list is more than twice the size of mine, over a thousand books. I’ve already resigned myself to the fact that my boys will inherit my list. A thousand books to read is just mind-boggling. But who knows? Maybe I can pick up the pace once I retire—or hit the lotto. We’ll see.

Happy reading!


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