I am a middle-aged mother and grandmother.  Native New Yorker.  Studied and played music for most of my childhood; currently work as a civil servant.  HUGE sports fan.  Fulfilled a long-deferred dream and got my Bachelor’s degree in 2009.  As a child, I was always curious about the world, how it works, and why things are the way that they are.  Well, I’m older now…and still curious.  Will write about it here.  Hope you enjoy.  Peace and Blessings.



3 thoughts on “About

  1. 40 is the new 13

    You sound like someone I can definitely relate to… my mom’s from Brooklyn and I spent childhood summers there. My son plays music, though I have no talent. And I’m inspired that you went back to school for a B.S.! We can do whatever we set our minds to! Thanks for the follow… now I can follow you!

    1. walicarr Post author

      Wow, Thanks! A small world we live in! Loved your blog post about the photo scanner–laughed out loud! My older son looks at me and says that I’m like a big kid, so I think he’ll probably say that will be me in a few more years. So I will be following your blog and taking notes!

  2. underworldstudios

    I am curious about how the world works too. Hopefully we’ll all be able to figure this out. Thanks for following my blog. I’ll be checking back here from time to time. Speak to you again soon.


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