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Sports Snippets

A look back at the year that was…

  • Always the bridesmaid…2015 was a strange year for New York sports. The Rangers didn’t make it out of the Eastern Conference finals, despite having the best record in the league and home ice advantage for the playoffs. The Liberty was able to force a deciding game for the Eastern Conference, but ran out of real estate and fell to the Mystics. The Red Bulls lost in the conference final. While the Mets became NLCS champs, they fell short in the World Series. They were one of the brighter moments for New York fans; but you don’t get a ticker tape parade for winning the conference. I’d hoped to cheer on one of my teams at a ticker tape parade.
  • Crossed one off the bucket list…I got the chance to cheer on the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team as they marched down the Canyon of Heroes (and Heroines!). No complaints about that, but New York teams, you guys need to step up.
  • What were you thinking? Still haven’t figured out why Jason Pierre Paul thought it was cool to pop his own fireworks on the 4th of July. While I’m happy that he’s back, his results have been…mixed. As I said before, if you can afford to buy a truck load of fireworks, then you can afford to leave it to the pros and hire someone to pop ’em for you.
  • Scandal, and more scandal…Between the mess that is FIFA, and the IAAF dealing with both a corruption and a doping scandal, you don’t have to watch the ABC drama to get your fair share.
  • Yes, it can be done…American Pharaoh ended a 37-year drought when he won the Triple Crown. What a thrill to witness history this year.
  • Best feel-good story…If you need inspiration, please read about Michelle Payne, the first female to win the Melbourne Cup.
  • So long…NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon completed retired in 2015. Kobe Bryant announced that 2015 will be his last season in the NBA.
  • And farewell…Baseball great Yogi Berra passed away, and was posthumously rewarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. And the most moving moment this year for me was the haka performed at the memorial for Jonah Lomu.

A look forward at the year to come…

  • Are you ready? This year will be the Summer Olympic games in Rio. Whether Brazil will be ready is anyone’s guess. I said that Greece wouldn’t be ready for the Athens games in 2004, and somehow they managed to pull a rabbit out the hat. Maybe it will be the same for Rio, despite the construction being behind schedule and ongoing issues with the venue the water sports. Like Brazil doesn’t have enough problems. Today, I read an article about the surge in a virus that causes the head of infants to be severely malformed, and the inadequate government response. The IOC has faith that somehow, the Brazilian organizers will get it together. We’ll see.
  • Ones to watch…If you thought that Gabby Douglas was baaddd, just wait ’til you see Simone Biles.
  • Didn’t take long…Today we got news that Tom Coughlin resigned as coach of the New York Giants.

And that’s the snip!


Sports Snippets

  • Don’t drink the water…or sail in it: Will the sailing events for the 2016 Summer Olympics take place as planned? Who knows? Efforts by the Brazilian government to clean up Guanabara Bay in Rio de Janiero have run into trouble. An NGO has pulled out of a deal to clean up the bay. I guess they figured that this is a mission impossible. Raw sewage spills into the bay and its environs, and it’s full of trash, including dead animal carcasses. At this point, I’m not going to say whether I think Brazil will be ready to host the games. I’ve said it in the past in regards to Athens, and Sochi. Somehow the host organizers manage to pull the rabbit out of the hat and everything is taped and glued together in time for Games. We’ll see what happens this time around.
  • Does it look like I’m made of money? I’ve said that to my kids on more than one occasion, and it was used in a Western Union commercial some years ago. Well, I may not be made of money, but Floyd Mayweather’s mouth guard is made out of $100 bills. Two hundred and fifty of them. Go figure.
  • Speaking of the fight…there’s a great article on the boxing ring announcer, Jimmy Lennon, Jr., who’s going to call the match.
  • A look back: Today is the final round of the Masters in Augusta, Georgia. I was in high school in 1975 when Lee Elder became the first the first African-American to win the Masters.
  • And more history being made: The women’s row teams from Oxford and Cambridge competed on the same route at the same time as the men’s teams in the University Boat Race on the River Thames.
  • The New York Rangers ended their season winning the President’s Trophy. They will have home ice advantage for as long as they’re in the playoffs. The New York Islanders played their last season game at the Nassau Coliseum. They’ve punch a ticket to the playoffs as well. Next year, they will move to their new home at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn.
  • The Basketball Hall of Fame Class of 2015 was announced, and includes some of my all-time faves; Dikembe Mutombo, John Calipari, Spencer Haywood, Jo Jo White, and Lisa Leslie.
  • I wanna grow up to be like…Mieko Nagaoka became the first person over 100 to complete a 1,500-meter swim in a 25-meter pool. And she broke a record.
  • Finally, condolences to the friends, family and colleagues of longtime cricket announcer and former player, Richie Benaud, who passed away at the age of 84.