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Sports Snippets

  • Well, it took about two weeks, but I think I finally recovered from the Rangers’ 7th game loss for the Eastern Conference Title. I watched a bit of the Stanley Cup finals as a time filler after the Belmont Stakes, but otherwise I still can’t bring myself to watch. The series between the Blackhawks and the Lightning is tied at one game apiece.
  • While I haven’t had the heart to watch the Stanley Cup finals, I caught both the men’s and women’s finals of the French Open. Both games were thrillers. Serena picked up her 20th Grand Slam title. And—surprise!! Novak Djokovic was upset by Stan Wawrinka. What a heartbreak. But Wawrinka was in the zone.
  • President for Life? Thought for sure that Sepp Blather would be carried out of his position. What a shock when he announced that he will resign as President of FIFA. If that’s what you wanna call it. Because he didn’t call off the election where he was re-elected to his position. Now FIFA has to hold a special election to vote for his replacement. So I guess there’s still time to carry him out.
  • But the Champions League final took place, with Barcelona winning over Juventus. And the Women’s World Cup is well underway.
  • We got our own problems, thank you very much: The WNBA board is still reviewing Isiah Thomas’ application for part ownership of the New York Liberty. Meanwhile, there were protesters at the home opener. And the Women’s Sports Foundation has an online petition to deny him ownership of the team. The league is also dealing with some of their top players sitting out the season. Guess this means that the WNBA has finally arrived.
  • Set up my wireless print server during the running of the Belmont Stakes. It took me longer to get that done than it did for American Pharoah to make history when he took the Triple Crown. What a thrill to watch that live. Worth skipping the show at Central Park.

And that’s the snip!